You want to engage with interested customers.

How reebee can help:

  • By augmenting the reach of your media: Reach over 1.5 million interested Canadian reebee users through engagements that go beyond simple impressions or one-time transactions

  • By leveraging existing thriving markets: reebee lets you tap into a new customer base by piggybacking on the aggregate volume of a collective platform. We are stronger together.
  • You want to understand how your media is being received.

    Analytics and KPIs allow businesses to monitor media performance, relate the results to outcomes enabling them to optimize marketing spend.

    How reebee can help:

  • By turning data into actionable insights: reebee takes the mystery out of big data through comprehensive reporting and invaluable analytics

  • By allowing you to measure and track your KPIs: Understand exactly which products and trends drive conversion.
  • You want your business to thrive in today's dynamic marketing environment.

    With the ever growing importance of mobile devices on the shopping trends of today’s consumer, the key to successful awareness is in being able to connect with customers on the platform and medium of their choice [be it digital, online, print, etc]. Simply put, be seen where your customers are looking to find you.

    How reebee can help:

  • Expose you to ready to buy customers: reebee gives you exposure to the right customer by allowing you to engage with customers planning their weekly shopping.

  • Optimize your customer experience and increasing retention: reebee will ensure a seamless, consistent, and familiar omni-channel experience for your customers.

  • Improve your content delivery strategy: Through reebee, you will be able to provide anytime access to your products, sales, promotions and messages.
  • How does distribution on reebee work?

    Simple and painless integration

    reebee takes your traditional flyer media and seamlessly transforms it into a clean and effective digital experience.

    Custom targeted distribution

    Build digital distribution zones to suit any distribution goals.

    Two-way communication through interactive content

    reebee gives your traditional flyers a pulse by measuring interactive experiences.

    Quick turn around time

    reebee works with your distribution schedule. Our dedicated team is ready to take your flyers to the next level.

    Connect with our team today! We are here to help :)

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